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26th Amendment to the Mississippi Constitution
The 26th Amendment to the Mississippi Constitution seeks to strip women of nearly all the rights they have gained in the past century or longer.  I posted two references to it (but don't know how to cross-refer the posts)  but have heard not a nibble. 
Is nobody concerned about these proposed constitutional amendments, which,  if Personhood USA have their way, will be emulated in all 50 American States, and will make murderers of every person who tries to practice any form of birth control?  Presumably, even abstinence could be construed to be murder?  Consensus is that in Mississippi, this could pass muster at the polls.     Others seem to think much of America believe this is a bad joke that will go away if ignored.  Can anyone risk taking that gamble?

As I understand it, Personhood USA are hitting all the churches and pitching the legislation as being anti-abortion legislation without any explanation of the extent of its reach.  That is fraudulent, misleading and un-Christian - Christ never said that lying, by omission or commission, was acceptable in his name. 

The notion of personhood, being religious in nature and intended to be written into law, clearly makes a mockery of the separation of church and state.

This should be going viral to counter Parenthood USA's disinformation campaign.   

Check it out:

and Personhood USA themselves: 
Well John, What can I say? You're right I guess, not having heard about the proposed legislation. But I am not surprised. There is a maturing industry of think tank devised legislation being propagated and introduced in state legislatures, typically by junior right wing members. I am not quite sure how the one in Mississippi benefits the the powers that be, but I am sure that that is where its coming from. In my state, Georgia, a bill is up that will further marginalize state employees and their rights to unionize. Of course we should all be up in arms except that the PTB are better armed. Many may be picking their battles, and as the old exculpatory redneck line goes, 'Its hard to worry about draining the pond when you're up to your ass in alligators.'   But all that is just making excuses for which there is really no excuse. 
So far, the silence on the subject of Mississippi's proposed 26th constitutional amendment, PersonhoodUSA and the moves in the other states of the USA, is deafening and worrying.  While everyone is ignoring these moves they are being put in place by agendas that cannot possibly be good for society at large, that means they will not be good for you, you and you and all your uncles, aunts, nieces, nephews, children, parents, friends and even enemies, ad infinitum.  In this case, inertia is the pathway to dystopia.  For anyone who doesn't know what dystopia is, it is the opposite of utopia.  You ignore it at your peril. 

In response to John barri

John, This is so completely crazy that I'm not capable of taking it seriously yet. I'll look into it because, after all, you're the man. But I'm afraid that the wholesale ignorance of what I find about Personhood USA will send me into conniption-hood.
Would the celibacy thing apply to Roman Catholic priests as well? Because if it does they're going to be in trouble from a lot more angles than they are already. What about masturbation? And how on earth can a woman be able to conceive EVERY MONTH? Will they snatch every female's every egg and present them to some mad off-shore MD whose been collecting the masturbatory product (god knows how) and grow them in a cow uterus? elephant uterus...a sperm whale? who will take care of these children?

...It's 2:30 A.M. here and all I wanted was a glass of water for heaven's sake...ignore me, I just wandered by the computer and stopped to see what was up...yeesh.

Isn't it true that Mississippi has the fattest people in the world?

Fat equates with stupidity--it's all those Moon Pies and Mountain Dew. What kind of sperm and eggs are going to be produced in Old Miss?

They're right about entropy: it really IS all. Entropy: "measure of the disorder of a system,"~Rudolph Clausius.

No more now, I simply can't go on
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