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Here is poser,perhaps a mother of all posers on the subject.
How is that,God,almighty or what ever one may call,has selected this lonely planet amongst the billions  of the vast known/unknown galaxies to demonstrate  his(assume  it's  'he')  power's by creating/confusing us  with   a variety of religions/cults including a sizable non-believers(almost 20 pc) amongst the denizens of the lonely planet with equally vast flora/fauna .Or are we yet to see/hear bigger scheme of things elsewhere in the universe  , perhaps a much more intelligent planet than ours.
One possible answer is that God has made himself (I also have questions about the pronoun to be used, I'm not comfortible with 'IT') known to man, and it is man who has created the variety of religions and cults.  Most of this variety is the result of dogma that is added to the original teaching so that a small group or individual can gain control over the rest of the population.  Many times these additions are counter to the original message and cause all kinds of trouble. 

In response to Warren G Wiltrout
Kudos for your interesting response.
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