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Americans, what is with your Republican Party?
Republicans seem to represent everything that I, coming from a different country hear as criticisms about America: greed, lies, scandals, racism etc...   I know they are not representative of your entire country and that most Americans believe in justice and equality and making the world a better place.....  But where do these other people come from and why do they have such different ideologies?

Has American politics always been this divided?
Honestly, you mirror my thoughts exactly. I think they are aliens from another planet. They are a bunch of "CRY-BABIES" because they didn't get their way and a
black man is more powerful than they are. Mitt Romney even mentioned the word "impeach" on Larry King Live...I had all I could do to stop my fist from ging through the screen of the t.v. There are TWO Americas and I represent the normal majority. Believe me, the bantor and threats from the Republicans is jut a ploy to get everyone roused up...this is how they make their point They are WASHED UP in this country and they know it.
We're stupid; and we're proud of it!

In response to Richard Wells
Richard, it's an insightful man who knows when he's stupid.  So probably you're not.

As for the Republicans, I can't figure them out at all--well, maybe I can, a little.  Maybe they've been using their screaming, nutball routine to distract the rest of America from issues of importance.  What I can't figure out is why they don't think those issues are important too.  If healthcare is such a bad idea why don't they come up with a list of sensible reasons instead of carrying on like lunatics.
Why don't they just give us the facts on why they're equating Obama with Hitler and Satan.  Maybe they haven't got any facts--that must be it.

Do you have any insights, Richard?  What type of community are you organizing?
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