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Beauty’s Dreadful Crusade
First of all my opinion/statement/roar of indignation:

The fixation on beauty undermines, destroys and damages society. It has become a substitute for skill; it makes both men and women equally unhappy. Now beauty is all around us and almost non remains within us.

I am quite aware that the claims above are perhaps quite daring and I certainly anticipate to be verbally stoned for phrasing some of those thoughts. Despite what you might think I am looking forward to all the criticism you will through at me (if anybody cares commenting^^)

This stuff has been circulating in my mind for some time now. It is an ugly concept that has been polluting my inner peace and by posting it here I am also somewhat trying to come to terms with or resolve it.

Like most opinions these one is a child fathered by a multitude of circumstances and experiences.

The part “The fixation on beauty undermines, destroys and damages society” ,” it makes both men and women equally unhappy”  mainly derives from several key experiences of which I will only outline three:

    A good friend left a great but moderately good looking women for a stupid but stunning b..tch.

    A colleague at work left wife and children and moved in with a younger woman.

    A female friend of mine can’t give up on her dream of having a very very good looking guy for a boyfriend. She keeps dumping really nice suitors for none of them is able to live up to her      “visual” expectations. She is totally unhappy knowing that her approach is wrong but she has been so hard wired and coded by the media that she just can’t escape her harmful mindset.

“It has become a substitute for skill” – Here an example: Try getting a well paid job as a waiter/waitress if you are not at least decently good looking. Two individuals apply for a job as a business consultant one of them is stunning the other one is somewhat ugly but definitely more skilled – Who do you think will get the job?

What is more we have surrounded ourselves with beauty that is actually not even found in nature. The paralyzing gazes of the perfect women featured on the covers of magazines have been modified with photoshop etc. The movies today’s adolescents watch depict social environment which can only with difficulty be emulated in reality e.g. College-campuses where all female student look like models.

Why are we doing that? The only thing I can perceive that we have become shallow, restless and unhappy with what we actually encounter in reality.

Why I like you Juri is that you aren't afraid to put yourself at risk.  You seem to understand that this is just a playpen.  I'll get back to you on your topic.

In response to ted berryman
Looking forward to it :)
People demand so much from beauty these days because of what it must substitute for. They've forgotten how to touch, I think. There's an incredible craving for sensory experience which can't be entirely satisfied by the eyes -- although it comes close; it conjures up fantasies which are as close to fulfilment as one might expect.

Look at the explosion of visual stimulation on the one hand; and the obsession with eating on the other. Sugar and fat have been around for centuries; why now are they an almost paralyzing draw for so many? There's such an immense hunger in society, which I would say is a hunger for a certain interconnectedness, for a certain kind of touch. Or maybe the sound of a voice. Or the invisible sound of someone listening.

Sometimes I sit on a park bench and watch people watch each other. For many people it seems there's a wanting which doesn't dream of fulfillment, or more precisely, which dreams, and maybe demands in anger, but doesn't really imagine. (I would distinguish between this and simple fantasy which is a brilliant and longstanding tradition.)
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