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The argument that anti-same sex marriage (SSM) people are motivated by bigotry is a great favorite with those associated with the gay movement, but the argument is quite obviously fallacious The people asking the question of bigotry regarding those who oppose SSM is an empirical one, and I submit that if their motives are empirically examined, it would be discovered that they are not so motivated.

But those associated with the gay movement are rarely interested in this empirical question. Instead — using propaganda and behaving in a thoroughly unscientific manner — they simply classify anybody opposed to their agenda as “bigoted” and “homophobic.” Thus no amount of empirical evidence to the contrary will persuade them to withdraw their accusations.

One of my great objections to the gay movement is its profound anti-intellectualism, i.e., its absolute refusal to keep its mind open to empirical evidence that might contradict its propaganda.
Obviously fallacious?  I couldn't tell by reading your post.

What is the empirical evidence and what is the empirical question you refer to?

People need to stop suggesting that opposition to marriage equality flows from bigotry. Opponents of interracial marriage also used to deny that they were motivated by prejudice.” This argument is a great favorite with those associated with the gay movement, but the argument is quite obviously fallacious. It is like saying: “Mr. X says he did not commit the crime. But this is precisely what Al Capone said at his trial. So that proves that Mr. X is guilty.”  (ref.)

I hope that sheds more light for you, Linda.
Jay, it sounds as if you just wanted to make a point, or set the record straight -- fair enough. I often feel this way myself.

However if you are interested in actually saying more, I would be interested to know what you think does motivate the anti-marriage equality crowd, primarily.

Postscript, pulling out my dictionary as I have been wont to do lately. At least one meaning of "bigotry" is "stubborn and complete intolerance of any creed, belief, or opinion that differs from one's own."  It's a nicer reading than assuming intolerance of the people disagreed with.
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