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Can one get out of the friend zone?
I was talking to a guy in his late 20s who likes a girl but he's stuck in the friend zone. They often meet, she likes him, she knows he's interested in dating her, but it isn't reciprocal. I was trying to think of ways to get out of the friend zone. This is a very common problem.

Now as often people who are stuck in the friend zone are nice guys, being nice they wouldn't want to use manipulation such as making her jealous, or other low-life techniques of the pick up artist.

It seems to me that there must be many good ways to change the relationship to a romantic one, but how? 
For example, is slowly touching her more a good idea?
My feeling is not to push her or she might run away and then he would lose a friend. She may not really know what she wants. I think we need to know if she is a "nice" girl. I would assume she is a nice girl, but she could be a manipulative type. It's hard to say what he should or shouldn't do unless we know more about her.
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