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I've recently come to the realization that i don't like any of my friends. What should i do? Should i just get new friends, or should i be loyal to a group of people that nauseate me?

You are a laugh-riot.  What a terrific, pithy statement.
And how brave you are to realize it, own it and say it right out loud.
I salute you.

It sounds like you're ready to grow a whole new you, or rather to pull yourself up by the roots and put yourself down in a better place.
How wonderful.

When did you begin to suspect the truth?  I'm curious to know the evolution of your revelation. 

Postscript (March 1, 2010 at 5:45 AM):
Somebody link Althea to the Creativity thread.  She deserves to be in two places at once....

In response to Linda OReilly
Creativity and more creativity.

In response to Linda OReilly

I'm glad you find my question so amusing. I don't think i was exactly "brave" for realizing my own feelings, but it's certainly an interesting way of looking at it.

When did i come to realize this truth about myself? (and it really is about me, my friends are, for the most part, good people and i only wish the best for them) After a few particularly boredom-filled visits with friends i began to question what i was getting out of these visits. I wasn't having fun like i used to, i found myself avoiding my 'closest' friends, i've always been a bit of a hermit, but i was finding myself wanting to be alone more than usual. It was becoming clear that something had changed.

I devised a list of questions that examined characteristics i would want my friends to possess, and after putting each friend through a process of analysis i discovered that the majority of my friends did not hold some of the more essential characteristics. the 'important' ones on that list included: Does this person understand who i am? Do they relate to me, and do i relate to them? can i talk to them without fear of ridicule, non-confidentiality, or judgment? Do they seem to genuinely care about me and what happens to me?

I understand that this all seems excessive and over-analytical, but i believe that the people you choose to spend your time with reflect who you are, and i no longer feel that the people in question reflect who i want to be. I've somehow separated myself from being the (insert adjective here) person who hangs out with  the  (insert same adjective here) people. To simplify the explanation it may be best to say: it's just not my thing anymore.

Have you ever come to a similar realization? if so, how did you react to it? I willingly accept any and all advice.
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