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Getting to know Someone On the Internet
I've seen plenty of people with Twitter biographies like: "Get to know me by following me!" I have recently started using Twitter and Google+ to follow people that I don't know in person, usually to catch up on news or other interesting discussions. My question is, to what extent, if any, is it possible to get to know someone through such a medium? Even if I were to tell you about all my idiosyncrasies and quirks, does that mean you know me at all?
I like internet conversations.  They're safe and predictable (if you're careful) and you don't have to listen to nonsense if you don't want to. 
You can just close the lid on your laptop and mosey off (sometimes people don't know this though, especially young people)
We don't really know each other here, although after a while you have a pretty good indication of who's for real and who's not.
Choose your sites with care, don't believe everything you read and have a good time.

If you really want to get to know someone you have to live with them for a while. Or live next door.

There are many levels of relationship and I wouldn't denigrate internet conversations just because they're new technology.
Like pen pals only quicker.
The relationships are what they are--
I've learned a lot from the people here and I even have an affection for them--I wouldn't want to screw that up by having them meet me in person.

In response to Linda OReilly
Ha Linda, you made me laugh.  I'm sure you're a delight in person, but I know what you mean.   I value both my face to face friends and my internet friends.  I just have a different frame of reference for each. 

In response to Linda OReilly
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