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Is Human Life Sacred?
As individuals we don't know very much and we have to rely on the media for information, but I think it is abundantly clear that mankind continues to destroy the creatures of the earth, toxify the environment, pollute the waters and the air, deface the surface of the earth and generally dominate beyond anything remotely resembling symbiosis. Whatever natural relationship we had with this planet is clearly long gone. So everything we do is essentially out of balance with nature. The blindness of genetic engineering, modifying foods and animals in ways which are now almost commonplace. The teasing into existence of the "superbug" of bacteria or virus through endless efforts to vaccinate and and inoculate ourselves against diseases which came about because of our unnatural domestication of animals. (Before responding to this, if you have not read "Guns, Germs, and Steel" by Jared Diamond (Pulitzer Prize for best science book) you should. Without this basic text you really don't understand civilization.

We're doing better as a species in some respects with much better regulation "Clean air and water act" and Obama's recent SUV-killing gas mileage regulations, and according to Al Gore we did fix the Ozone issue. But it's not nearly enough. Population continues to grow. We're losing the battle.

Charity saves the lives of wage-slaves the world over, and for what good? They just reproduce increasingly doomed numbers of additional wage-slaves. I love the Jesus story, but the idea that God made us in his image and values each and every one of us is clearly pure, unadulterated horse crap. This idea serves only to guarantee that population will continue to increase, in the face of one simple, most crushingly obvious truth: there are too many people on this planet. 

I don't know what the solution is, but shouldn't our ethics at least be informed by this fact? I think we should end Christian charity and begin by attacking the wealthy with these dollars. Shouldn't we simply outlaw inoculation and vaccination? Viruses kill us for a reason, the main one being to keep our population in check. Let the poor and the sick die. That's the way it has been for millions of years. There's nothing wrong with that. If you must have a God make it the Sun (not the Son). The sun gives light and life. Every single moment, every morsel, every breath, every drink, it all comes from the sun. Yet the sun clearly doesn't seek to save every person. No! It gives the opportunity to live and imagine in symbiosis with the earth. Can we institute some population control? I have friends who just had their fourth child. I mean, what is that?
Books Discussed
Guns, Germs, and Steel: The Fates of Human Societies
by Jared Diamond

I think you should get out of New York City, where, alas, most seem to share your pessimistic view of the world., perhaps because it is so crowded.
You advocate letting nature take its course. If you contract cancer, will you forgo treatment? Do you allow the cockroaches to infest your apartment because it's in their nature to do so?  Would you advocate castration of, say 50% of the men in order to stem the population, and would you begin this program in your own family, or would it be something for the third world?
What do you mean  by "attacking the wealthy with these dollars"?

In response to Thomas Connolly
  Is human life sacred? Only if the Human is aware of the sanctity of all life which becomes him. There is no life, systemic or individual bacterial, which does not impact the ability of humankind to exist. So, to follow, the life of the human who lives harmoniously with the living world is Sacred, as all else.

You sound like a bitter, old man.

Isn't it the wealthy who created the diseases you talk of.  Isn't it the wealthy who genetically engineered salmon (I just read this).  Wouldn't the wealthy survive and the poor perish at the hands of what the wealthy caused for profit, with no regard to human life or dignity.

I love what Thomas wrote although New York has nothing to do with this since I grew up in New York and left only a couple of years ago with the hope of going back soon.  Would you begin in your own backyard.  Most people not too long ago died before they were 40 years old.  I believe you are over 40, do you think your life should have ended already?

Over population does exist, and continues to be a problem, but disease, war and natural disasters are ending millions of peoples lives.  Look at countries in Africa where they are saying more than 1/4 of the population will be destroyed because of the AIDS virus. 

Humans are the recorders of history and human life should be valued.
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