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Is It My Fault Someone's Husband Finds Me Attractive?
It happens to alot of women---and it happens to me. I do NOT do anything to encourage this behaviour, but I know I am blamed for it. NO ONE blames the husband---look at the Monica Lewinsky/Clinton debacle-----she is reviled umpteen years later and made fun of and HE is esteemed throughout the free world....keeping in mind she was 24 and he was 30 years her senior NO MATTER the perpetrator of the affair. I went to a meeting last week and a (married) man walked me to my car because it was late....I am sure his wife thinks I am after her husband. I do completely understand her concerns, I would feel a bit insecure maybe---BUT would I necessarily cast stones at the woman for the ":come-on"?

This is an area  women need to work on-----is it the other men who praise the bad behaviour  or the wives of these men who wipe the fevered brow of their husbands because some loose, single woman preyed upon him? I was the first to cast stones at Riyelle Hunter, but then I thought about John Edward's involvement and the subsequent hideous  disrespect of his wife and changed my ideas.

Is this a woman's issue? Or a genetic throwback to guarding the home and hearth from foreign warriors?
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