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Old age and women

Old age and women: Meta-Discussion
Ok, people have been suggesting an organizational post; here is one to start. Maybe it would be useful to use this as a place to discuss potential topics -- then if someone is interested they can start them. We could also discuss whether new questions should be subtopics (yellow "new subtopic" button, top right) or new topics (posts as usual).

Emily, happy to be of help
I haven't worked my way through all the posts yet but
after a reader is through with whatever book may arise from these discussions, what should s/he know?
What will the take away message be?
Maybe that will help focus the topics you include.

For the present maybe a goal needs to be stated.

In response to Linda OReilly
Hi Linda,
just for the record, I wasn't in the book contingent -- though of course we could understand "book" very metaphorically as a collaborative discussion of the kind we've been having. I took the consensus to be an interest in extending what people were creating here... as I tried to articulate in this post, I think a book would represent a certain return to exclusivity at the expense of the surprise one encouters in genuine conversation/debate.

My post was mainly meant to address the fact that the previous thread was going in a lot of directions and that subtopics would be useful.
Of course, none of this takes away from the brilliant simplicity of your remark. What do we want to know?

In response to Emily Andrews
Thank, Em, for starting the meta-discussion and for straightening me out.
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