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Painting music
There have been several riveting discussions here about music and painting, for example:
Painting and music inside the frame

Bach's equivalent in painting
Bach and Klee

Yesterday George Browning described Edna Stern's piano playing as painting in post. "Composing as painting," and "Playing as painting," have a history with for example Moussorgsky's Paintings at an exhibition. What would it mean though to paint music?
Edna brought the example of Klee painting Bach (link above), so there have obviously been attempts.

What does it mean to paint music? What attempts have been made? What is the commonality in these attempts?
How should we understand painting music?
Some thoughts to begin:

Mondrian's "Broadway Boogie Woogie"

Kandinsky, "Composition VIII"

Arthur Dove's "Swing Music (Louis Armstrong)"

O'Keeffe, "Blue-Green Music"
This is a most engaging discussion and can be reversed:  what is it to "play" Van Gogh, or Klee, or Chagall, or ???  As a musician, I have composed and performed to imagery, such a telling inspiration.  The difference between music and visual whatever that music exists only in time,held onto by memory and transformed by perception and mean; visual art, as an offering, exists in space, also held onto by memory and lives objectively in space.  One can revisit a painting and see it "again."  However, music is, in truth, never revisited, but is experienced again in a changing sense of time and very subjective.

This phenomenological question regarding experiences of art and the distinction, if any exists, between the art and the viewer/listener, is seductive if only that it puts into question issues of social constructivism vs objective reality.  Most artists would say that their art is re-constructed by each view; most musicians would say somewhat the same thing with the caveat that the perform takes responsibility for molding the exprience through performance.  A recording is similar to a print in that it is representative...and comes to reality in the listener rather that in its simplied existance as a digital file.

So much to think about.  However, personally, art is better experienced than analyzed and music is better heard than remembered...hmm..

In response to susan Smith
Music as time-art as distinct from space-arts. Great post Ms. Smith!
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