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Second Warning
Thursday, December 11, 2008 Oh. Ye of Little Faith! Listen Up!

It's time to loosen up, hunker down and


See this article from More Intelligent Life

Just why are the non-religious not producing? Is sex not as thrilling if it's not a sin? Most people cling to the religion they were raised in (so the article says&I think it's true) and people of religious belief tend to have more children therefore religions are growing.
This is a real conundrum. Pretty soon we, the nonpartisan, will be extinct. So, all you unaffiliated of childbearing age better start making some moves.

And now this from The Humanist:
On ' grow-your-own-fundamentalism'

Mr. Andrew Esher told us in another thread that conservatives do more for the USA than the liberals. 
Do they ever!

--Glad to be Old,  OReilly
Oh come on. If you're going to misrepresent what I said, at least spell my name right while you do it. It's got a "c" in there. like the artist, Mr. EsCher.

Non-religious people are more educated on average. That correlates strongly to smaller families. Plus you've got the whole Catholic freak show about no contraception...

In response to Andrew Esch

I'm nuts about you and I never  imagined you would be adverse to a bit of fun.
Abject apologies about your name.  I'm old, my brain is crowded and things fall out.
I was going to mention that the more educated and literate a population is the less children they tend to have but I didn't want to offend any Pandas who might have 19 children.  Although that Panda would likely be too busy to blog.

And as for the Catholics--pffft.    I don't think the USA has too much trouble writing their 'be fertile and multiply doctrine' off.  However they are wreaking havoc in other countries.

Andrew Esch, forgive me--I knew not what I did.


In response to Linda OReilly
I was being lighthearted: notice I even went along with the "er" in Escher...

It's funny, because most "Esh"s in the U.S. do not have the "c," which is the proper German spelling. This was because they were illiterate upon immigration. My family name was "Esh" for many generations (so in one sense, you got it right), and my father never seems to tire of telling the story (heard from him yesterday) of how his great grandfather changed it to the "correct" spelling: "Esch."

Alright, well if not the Catholics... then the Amish.  Not that there will ever be many of them. Maybe the Mormons can swing the trend? I knew a lot of homeschooled (Protestant) evangelical families growing up. The average number of kids was probably 4.3-ish. Several families were at the 6 and 7 mark.
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