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The Social Network - A friendless community
The Social Network focuses on how Mark Zuckerberg, the creator of Facebook, is a creep who stole the idea of Facebook and cheated his only friend from his part in the company. It’s an extremely boring and unnerving movie because websites, like many creations of serious people, are the mirror of their creator. I don’t care the least about Zuckerberg, but I do care what his creation makes of its users, and that’s his mirror - friendless geeky people. Yes, Facebook causes its 500 million users to be friendless geeky people who might seem popular. They are not friendless because it is virtual, the whole world might move to be virtual, they are friendless because there is nothing of the relation of Friendship in people’s interaction there. (e.g. post ). (Perhaps only of stalking.)

What’s very encouraging about the film is that people currently get that and are turning away from Facebook. (e.g. post ). They might still have a Facebook page, they might even still use it, but Facebook currently is the opposite of cool, it is a place where people understand that they are being shallow and stupid, even while still using it, and little by little are more ashamed to say that they are there and more proud to say that they left – that they are deeper than that. (The audience with me was almost exclusively under 18).

I love the THINQon experience, the feeling of the search for sense and even the very strong experience of Friendship that occurs when experiencing a meaningful exchange with someone. Watching the movie the contrast with Facebook is so extremely stark. Especially given the feeling of self-hatred and pity that seems to currently characterize Facebook.
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The poster which says: "You don't get to 500 million friends without making a few enemies" didn't really get the movie, as of course he doesn't have any friends. He is completely cold and inhumane. A caricature of the geek wanting to belong to the clubs and be popular, that manages to impart that position to 500 million people. Not that the regular Facebook user is like that, but I agree with you that using Facebook does have that effect.
Whether it is true about him personally I don't know, but it is clearly true about the social network he instigated.
I was more interested in the character of Sean Parker (played by Justin Timberlake). He was the one who understood what Facebook could become, and he was largely responsible in building it and getting the finance. Sean created Napster and was a creator rather than simply a money person. Maybe part of the reason for why the internet today looks the way it does is because the people in charge are only money people without a vision.

Not that I like what Sean helped create, in fact the opposite and I agree Chris that Facebook simply makes people into friendless morons, but I almost always prefer a vision than simply money people.
What motivates Mark Zukerburg?   He's 26.  He's a Geek who manipulates Code that seems to do miraculous things.  I can't help comparing him with Bill Gates, who had grand designs on gaining power through placing Windows on every desk in the world.  Mark, it seems, wants to be responsible for the phenomenon of connecting every human being with every other human being.  Far from being an "open source" tool, Facebook is a controlled piece of software that challenges one, BY DESIGN, to know for sure what one is exposing about oneself.  Without worming your way through all the cryptic Privacy sections, it discourages anything that doesn't allow total sharing (messaging being one exception).  For example, I can't seem to keep certain of my friends from seeing what I type on another's wall without deciding who I want to hide this from and then typing every name into a box EVERY time I want to post something to another's wall (I'm admittedly a small volume user).  Yes I want my son as a "Friend" but I may not want to share every post to other friends with him.  Private Messages DO exists for the receiver - Public messages seem to enhance egos.

Mark's Ideological thinking in this case, has created a sort of free roaming Object that will let you trade information that can be helpful.  But much of it is a platform for sharing gossip, displaying personal photos, advertising "Likes", and broadcasting things one finds admirable about oneself.  While a source of information, it encourages the constant explaining of oneself that much of our society seems to have a penchant for needing to do (as I am now).

I just looked up under the word THINQon and saw "The Place for Intelligent Conversation".  I'm not certain this qualifies.

Bill Gates is 54 and nowadays makes a substantial contribution towards a healthy planet.  I'm not sure what Facebook will become; Mark may be onto something.  He's 26.  I just try to keep track of grandkids and kids.  I'm 67.

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