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What makes a person graceful?
What makes a person graceful? Why are we attracted to this?
The promise of a more beautiful world. The promise of order amidst chaos.

I know a lot of people who lose their cool right and left. I don't mind an argument myself so it's nice when you find yourself talking to someone graceful. You feel like they know how to handle themselves. They can laugh something off or maybe they can pin you to the wall with a wink and a clever comeback.

They wear the world lightly. There's such heaviness in the world these days. Such seriousness, and people seem to think the only antidote is to speak or act in a way that has no substance. That's the disappointment. So when you see someone with wit, with grace, it's a breath of fresh air.

In response to Emily Andrews
Emily, I review these posts periodically, it is like cleaning up the dishes in the kitchen. They always need review and tending. I find things that I missed on the first, second and third reading. It isn't so much that other people's writing is arcane but rather I find that my ability to absorb information is distorted by my expectations. So rereading your comment I see that I missed some very choice words and thoughts that you shared that I feel duty bound to acknowledge.

"The promise of order amidst chaos" and  "They wear the world lightly". Are very lovely descriptions of grace, and the awareness of an attainable beauty in living. I think that a person must have grace in order to recognize it as you have. Thank you for sharing your gift.

In response to James Lambert
Thanks for the remark, James, although it is the first time anyone has ever compared reading my writing to washing dishes. :-) "On the second run-through, I realized there was still some dried soup left around the corner of the idea..."
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